Protection of intellectual rights of any objects using escrow Intellectual property protection for any work via escrow

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Consign the work

Complexity of certifying the copyright

  • No one is safe

    Sooner or later, any author may be faced with the need to prove the fact that the result of intellectual, creative activity was created by him. And the more valuable the result is, the more acute the argument about authorship becomes.

  • Legislative recognition of rights and simple proof of authorship are two different things

    Russian legislation, as international conventions, recognizes that the right arises from the moment the work is created. But how to prove and affirm this to the court?

  • Time, money, guarantees

    Guarantees of high standards for the protection of intellectual rights are provided by state registration. But it requires time and money. And the possibility of such registering is not provided for all types of objects.

What is 


  • The electronic escrow procedure is a placing and storage of files of an intellectual property file in an encrypted form in a secure cell

  • The file is registered in the distributed data registry using blockchain technology with file hash fixation. Which rules out unauthorized access to the file

  • In the future, the fact of escrow can be used to confirm authorship by a person who is indicated by the author of the work when escrowing

For whom

Electronic escrow and recording of information in a distributed registry is the most simple and effective way to provide yourself with evidence of your authorship. In whatever industry you create, this is the first step towards becoming an owner. In the future, object can be protected as a work, get protection as an industrial design or invention, as a trademark. But to fix the initial authorship is the most important step. Therefore escrow is so popular in all areas of science, technology, creativity and even entrepreneurship.

Creativity, science, business

  • Composers

  • Directors

  • Artists

  • Writers

  • Authors

  • Photographers

  • Poets

  • Designers

  • Architects

  • Poducers of Phonograms

  • Researches and Engineers

  • Publishers

  • Software developers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Inventors

  • and many others...

5 simple steps

All you need is a escrow object and internet

Escrowing of any object in any format without intermediaries - available on-line 24/7
You can escrow files in any format

  • 1


    Upload a file to a specially created cell

  • 2


    Add a description of the object in an arbitrary form - exactly this description will appear in the IPChain distributed registry

  • 3


    Pay for the required period of file storage

  • 4

    Get the register key

    Download one of the two pair electronic register keys

  • 5


    Download electronic or order printed Certificate of Escrow, which contains all keys and identifiers to confirm your authorship in case of disputes

Consign the work

How protection works

At the moment of loading the initial sample, the cell contents and loading time are fixed. During storage, neither the file nor the description can't be changed. So there is irrefutable evidence that the work was created earlier than the escrow date. Your guarantees are provided by all organizations that are members of the IPChain distributed registry.

Copyright confirmation tools

The certificate of escrow contains the keys to decrypt the file and data about the placement of information about the escrow in an immutable distributed registry. If necessary, the author can provide access to the file stored in the n’RIS cell and the key for its decryption. Data immutability is guaranteed by the IPChain blockchain network

  • 1

    Digital notary

  • 2

    The possibility of authorized access to a copy of the file

  • 3

    Hard copy of Escrow Certificate

  • 4

    The possibility of obtaining Hard copy of original file with a note about the escrow

Flexible conditions and no restrictions

  • The cost of the service is determined only by file size and storage period.

  • Confirmation of authorship in relation to any results of intellectual, creative activity - as being protected in the future as inventions, utility models, industrial images that didn't receive her.

High security

  • The encryption key cannot be intercepted, since it is generated on the author’s browser at the moment of creating the cell

  • The contents of the cell is not available for review even to service staff, except in cases provided by law. More


Escrow in n’RIS is cheaper, simpler, safer. It creates previously unattainable guarantees of protection in case of disputes

You can also escrow your work by bringing a hard copy of it to the n’RIS office on the address: 127055, Russia, Moscow, Novoslobodskaya St, house 73, building 1 Mon - Fri 10:00 - 19:00

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